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Tips to Get Active During April’s Move More Month

seniors active outdoors

The month of April feels like things are on the move: birds are chirping and building nests, bees are buzzing pollinating flowers, and you probably even hear more kids playing outside as the weather warms up. It’s no wonder the American Heart Association has coined April as “Move More Month.” It’s a way to bring awareness of the importance of activity in our daily lives.

Move More Month helps people realize that you don’t have to go to they gym to workout for an hour at a time in order to get health benefits. Even something as simple as walking from your living room to the kitchen gets your blood circulating and muscles pumping.

At Piedmont Home Care, we work with many clients who have physical pain or illnesses that make traditional exercise challenging. However, even those who find it a challenge to get outside and walk a mile can benefit from moving a little more in their daily routine.

Knees ache? Regular exercise can build the muscles around the knee and hip, relieving some of the pain. Chest tight from COPD? Don’t let that stop you. Aerobic exercise can strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure and improve circulation, all of which helps get more oxygen to your lungs. Struggling with Type 2 diabetes? Adding more activity to your routine can help you lose weight, which in turn will help control blood sugar.

Set Small Goals for More Activity

Making a goal to Move More in April means taking that first step to figuring out where you can fit more activity into your routine. Whether you normally sit and watch TV all day or you’re busy going to bingo, book clubs and tai chi classes, there’s always a way to Move More.

· Walk around the room during commercial breaks of your favorite show.

· Take stairs instead of an elevator when possible. · Grab a friend and go explore one of the beautiful greenways in Winston-Salem.

· Take five minutes to stretch when waking up each morning and before bed each night.

· Join a friend to walk their dog rather than going to get coffee.

Lean on Piedmont Home Care for Help

At Piedmont Home Care, our caregivers understand just how important daily activity is for good health. Getting a little movement in not only helps your body, it also helps your mind stay strong. If you or your loved one isn’t getting exercise because you’re in pain, or afraid of falling and getting hurt, we can help. Our talented team of caregivers can work on fall prevention strategies and be on-hand to help with exercises, so you won’t worry about getting hurt when you’re all alone.

Exercise is good for every person, no matter their age. It might not look the same as when you were 20, dripping with sweat after a workout at the gym. But you get the same health benefits from being active, no matter how much you sweat.