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The Rising Popularity of In-Home Care Services

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The popularity of Home Health Care Services is undeniable. More and more, the aging population of the United States prefers to utilize skilled caregivers in the comfort of their homes, and for good reasons. The cost savings, the emotional benefits to the client and their families, and the one-on-one attention that professional at-home caregivers provide all make Home Health Care an attractive alternative to traditional nursing facilities.

In this article, we’ll explore these and other reasons why Home Health Care Services are the favorite options for elderly, disabled and recovering clients.

There’s No Place Like Home

The most obvious reason clients want Home Care Services instead of nursing facilities and hospitals is that it’s, well, home. Being able to have expert caregiving service in such a pleasant environment does wonder for a client’s mood. More than that, it also gives them certain freedoms and flexibility that they wouldn’t have in a nursing facility. Clients enjoy greater autonomy in their routines, visitation, activities and more. All of which allows them to more fully enjoy life.

Expertise At Your Dining Room Table

Home Health Care Providers are certified professionals, highly trained and well equipped to care for their client’s needs. They tend to develop healthy working relationships with the household. Part of giving care means taking the burden off of overwhelmed family members by sharing their knowledge, working with them to customize care routines, and helping out with day-to-day tasks to keep the home clean and safe. And of course, using their medical expertise to ensure the client is safe and healthy.

At Piedmont Home Care, this expertise is kept at the cutting edge with constant classes, seminars and resources, allowing at-home caregivers to offer a flexible array of services with state-of-the-industry training.

Enhanced Safety

The most common reason elderly clients go back to the hospital is that they fall. In nursing facilities, over half of all clients have at least one fall each year, and between 10% – 20% of those incidents result in serious injuries. With In-Home Care, the client receives personalized, one-on-one attention, including constant help getting around their home if needed. In-Home caregivers also identify and remove potential hazards like clutter and slick floors, which reduces the risk of injury and re-hospitalization.

Clients with in-home care won’t need to worry about infections or diseases in highly populated nursing homes. Moreover, given the personalized attention, a caregiver may spot potentially serious symptoms in their client that someone with multiple patients may have missed.

Save Money

It’s no secret that nursing homes and hospitals cost a lot of money. But depending on the needs of your loved one, In-Home Care provides an excellent and cost-effective alternative. Home Caregivers can offer a scheduled care routine that meets the client’s needs and still saves significantly more money than a nursing facility.

A Booming Industry

Home Health Care, as an industry, is expected to grow exponentially in the next five years. This is partly because people in the United States are living longer, and the population of elderly citizens is growing. Given how many people have worked hard for their homes and their families, it makes sense why they’d want to remain around them as their medical needs change. Knowing they can do that while saving money, remaining largely independent, and still receiving top-of-the-line care in their own living room makes In-Home Health Care the most popular choice.

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