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Piedmont Home Care: Helping the Triad Age in Place

In the most recent survey done by AARP, 77 percent of adults over the age of 50 reported they would prefer to stay in their own home as they age. To us at Piedmont Home Care, these numbers make sense. We’re out in our community with a highly qualified team of caregivers, providing support services for older adults in their own homes. It’s in par due to our services that people in the Triad are able to follow their wishes and age in place.

If you’re one of the many people in the Triad who would like to stay in your own home as the years progress, there are a few things you can do now to help make that a reality.

1. Plan now for the future. Just as it’s important have your wishes for end of life care documented and filed in a safe place, it’s a good idea to communicate your wishes on how you want to spend your aging years. What does that look like? Will your home need modifications? Are there health care services conveniently located to your home? Is public transportation available if needed? Who will be able to assist you if needed? Our team at Piedmont Home Care can answer your questions and help make a plan.

2. Assess your home and make any needed repairs and modifications. Look for and fix loose steps and carpets that could cause a fall risk. Add safety bars to the bathroom. Consider a remodel to move your bedroom to the first floor if it’s not already there.

3. Consider a smart home device. The Alexa or Google Nest might seem like just a glorified toy at first, playing music and giving you the weather report just by asking. But it can also be a useful tool. Combined with smart plugs and other smart home devices, you can use your smart speaker to turn lights on and off. You can set it to provide medication and appointment reminders. And they can also be helpful in an emergency, allowing you to call your loved ones or even 911 if you can’t get to your phone.

4. Research resources within the community. Look at the availability of health care providers near you, including specialists. Check on public transportation options for when you aren’t able to drive yourself. Local groups such as Senior Services and The Shepherd’s Center provide many services on a local level.

5. Look at financial resources. Many people worry they won’t be able to afford to age in place. But the cost of in home care might be more affordable than you realize, depending on the amount of care you require. Look at your savings and retirement accounts and analyze your monthly spending. Additional resources for at-home care can be found through Medicare and Medicaid.

If your one of the many people living in the Piedmont Triad who wish to live out your later years in your own home, our team at Piedmont Home Care can help make that happen. Call today to find out more about how we can help your plan for the future.