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Our CNAs Make the Difference

home care winston-salemWhen you invite someone to come into your home, whether it’s to help you rehabilitate from a surgery or to provide extended care to an elderly loved one, you want to be sure that the person is qualified and trustworthy. At Piedmont Home Care, we understand exactly what you’re looking for. As a family owned company, we make sure that everyone who works for our company is someone we would feel comfortable with in our own family.

Therefore, while an up-to-date CNA license is an important criteria in our hiring process, it’s not the only one. Through the interview process we talk with each CNA and get to know them, learning before we even hire them if their personality is the right fit for our team. We make sure our CNAs are honest, caring and dependable, the three pillars our company has been dedicated to for over 45 years.


When you invite someone into your home,  you want that person to be someone you can trust. Honesty is a top priority for us when hiring CNAs, because we know our caregivers will be inside our clients’ homes on a daily basis. Honesty is important in communicating with family members as well as how caregivers present themselves in all interactions throughout the day. We do background checks on all our employees, but our commitment to honesty goes beyond that. We do our best to assess character during the interview process, knowing that we wouldn’t hire someone we don’t fully trust in our own home, with our own family members.


Above all, when it comes to finding someone to care for your loved ones, you want them to provide care with the same compassion and tenderness that you would yourself. When hiring CNAs to serve as caregivers for Piedmont Home Care, compassion is high on the list of character traits to look for. After all, our tagline says it all, “We keep your heart, at home.” Our top priority is making sure our clients feel loved and cared for, and the best way to do that is through compassionate caregivers. It’s one thing to possess the skill set to get a CNA license, it’s another thing to truly care about the people you are with on a daily basis. Our caregivers always  put the client first, and their compassion comes through from day one, helping create a bond between caregiver and client that’s almost like family. Patience is another trait we look for when hiring caring CNAs. When you are caring for someone who is elderly or not functioning at full capacity, sometimes things can be challenging. We know it’s important to have a wealth of patience to get through the challenges and stress that comes naturally with a long day on the job one-on-one with a client.


Being on time for an appointment, showing up when you say you will, and concentrating on the task at hand are all important traits for any person, but especially so for the caregivers at Piedmont Home Care. For many of our clients, the time with a caregiver is the highlight of their day. Being there when you say you will not only shows you respect that client, but also provides a sense of stability and security that many of our clients crave. We make sure our team understands just how important it is to be a trustworthy, reliable person the client can count on, no matter what.

We are proud of our team of 134 CNAs, and appreciate the work they do every day caring for people in our community and making sure their clients are safe, healthy and happy. “Everyone at Piedmont Home Care is very patient-focused, with their main goal being to do what’s best for the patient,” says Wendy Bowman, client service manager. Honest, caring and dependable — we don’t just state it, we live it.

Questions? Contact us, or call (336) 724-1197 to learn more about the services we provide. It might be just what you’re looking for in terms of caring for your loved ones.