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Kristin Brown: Matchmaker Extraordinaire

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Conversations, connections and building relationships. Kristin Brown, client services manager for Piedmont Home Care, understands that the bond between a caregiver and client is about so much more than just performing daily tasks and overseeing health care priorities, and she has been fortunate enough to experience that connection first hand.

“One of the things I love about working for Piedmont Home Care is that no matter what your job description says, we all pitch in and help each other out to make things run smoothly for our clients, and sometimes that means I get to go out of the office and be with the clients themselves,” Kristin says. One day just such an opportunity arose when Kristin went to sit with a client to fill in a gap between caregivers. While talking with the client, Kristin found they had a connection. “I love learning about people’s life stories, and through conversation we came to find out that this woman had been friends with my own great-grandmother.” The fact that Kristin and the client had acquaintances in common was even more surprising, as Kristin is originally from Florida. “It turned out that she and my great-grandmother had both worked at Stetson College in DeLand, Florida, when they were younger. I loved hearing about their experiences, and I learned some things about my own family that I had never known before.”

Kristin and the client quickly formed a connection, from something as simple as Kristin’s genuine interest in getting to know the client. “I really feel like the relationship between the client and their caregiver is so important, as the caregivers is basically an extension of their family,” Kristin says. She takes that to heart in her work in matching up clients with Piedmont Home Care’s experienced group of caregivers.

“We have 140 caregivers on staff, and I know each and every one of them like family,” Kristin says. “Understanding our own staff, and their personalities and priorities for work, helps me match them up with the right client, so that everyone is happy.” She takes that knowledge of Piedmont Home Care’s staff and carefully considers each new client’s needs when working to create the right schedule.

“Getting the right match of caregiver to client can make such a big difference in both of their lives,” Kristin says. “We had one client whose family called us desperate for help. She didn’t want to get up to do things anymore, and was just laying in bed all day, but they knew she was physically able to do more.” Kristin found just the right caregiver to go to the home, someone who was able to motivate the client and encourage her to get up and get going each day. “They play puzzles together, enjoy conversations and get out every now and then,” Kristin says. “The client is so much happier and has made incredible process. That’s so fulfilling for our caregivers, and it also makes me excited about the work I do. I feel like I really have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.”

If you or your loved one is in need of specialized medical care or even just companionship, Piedmont Home Care can provide the compassionate, qualified care you’re looking for. With Kristin on the front lines helping make the initial matches between client and caregiver, you know you’re in good hands from the very beginning. Call today to learn more about how we can help your loved ones find more fulfillment in their daily lives