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Book In-Home Care Services for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients

Alzheimer’s Disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disorder, and the most common form of dementia. According to experts, over 60% of dementia patients are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. And because the symptoms of this condition worsen over time, patients with the disease need around-the-clock care.

If your aging parent or family member is diagnosed with this condition, you must make sure they receive the kind of care they deserve.

However, before we discuss how to offer that much-needed care to Alzheimer’s patients, let’s explore the condition a bit further. It’s a degenerative disease that’s common at age 65 and older. However, this doesn’t mean that Alzheimer’s doesn’t occur in younger age groups. In the early stages of the disease, it can be difficult to recognize the signs and symptoms without a professional. If you’ve noticed a drastic change in the behavior of your aging family member in the last couple of months, you should take them to a reliable doctor to determine the cause.

Here Are Some Common Signs And Symptoms of Alzheimer’s:

  • Short-term memory loss that affects routine life
  • Relying on family members to remember dates and events
  • Difficulty completing daily activities like doing dishes, bathing, toileting, meal preparation
  • Trouble in planning and problem solving
  • Difficulty finding correct words to communicate thoughts
  • Challenges in understanding visual images
  • Frequent mood changes
  • Social withdrawal
  • Misplacing things frequently at home, or other places

Since short-term memory loss is one of the most common symptoms of this condition, it’s important that you have someone at your home who can look after your aging parent. And since they can’t perform their daily activities independently, hiring in-home care services from a reliable agency is the best option to give them the care they need.

Benefits of In-Home Care For Alzheimer’s Patients

Consistent Care From Senior Care Experts

When you book in-home care services from an established and licensed agency, your aging parent or relative will receive constant, quality care in their own home. A well-trained caregiver with experience in working with Alzheimer’s Patients will set both you and your loved one at ease.

In-home caregivers understand how important consistent care is for improving the lives of those with this condition, and in-home caregivers keep that in mind each time they arrive to assist your family.

The Caregiver Builds A Strong Relationship With Your Loved One

There is little doubt that in-home caregivers are very compassionate. They understand the challenges your loved one faces, and tailor the support they give to their specific needs. In fact, caregivers often form beautiful relationships with the family members they assist, making sure to provide for their emotional needs as well. Your family member will have someone who they can confide in and rely on, even when you can’t be there.

Your Loved One Lives a Dignified Life

In-home care gives an opportunity to your loved one to live a dignified and independent life. With the help of a caregiver, they can easily perform their routine activities, giving them the satisfaction of living the kind of life they used to enjoy.

In-home Care Promotes Happiness

Adults they tend to become more attached to their homes as they grow older. That attachment makes the idea of having to move out to seek care highly undesirable. But with in-home care, they get the support they need and the independence and happiness they built for themselves, all right in their living room.

Individualized Care

Every patient that suffers from Alzheimer’s has unique needs, Relying on an in-home care agency that tailors their services to the individual needs of your family member

Each patient suffering from Alzheimer’s has unique needs, and improving their quality of life means meeting every aspect of their care. So, consider relying on an in-home care agency that tailors their services to meet the individual requirements of your loved one.

Nothing is more precious than parents and family in this world, so you must give them the finest care when they need it the most. Just as your parents used to do for you.