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Top Apps for Seniors

home health care winston-salemWe often think that technology and seniors don’t mix. Even Apple has poked fun at itself in a German commercial highlighting the idea that older generations often don’t know what to do with technology. In the commercial, a woman gives her father an iPad, and he proceeds to use it as a cutting board before putting it into the dishwasher. But a lot of times seniors are ready and willing to learn about new technology, especially if it enhances their lives. And it’s not as foreign as you might think, many seniors retired from careers where they were using computers and other forms of technology in their daily life.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of apps that are helpful or fun for seniors And with these loaded on their tablet, maybe Papa won’t be putting the iPad in the dishwasher!

FunBridge (Apple and Android). Bridge is a card game that’s as much social as it is about the cards, but with this app you don’t have to have a foursome present in order to play.

Solitaire. There are plenty of solitaire games out there, this is just one. Kids might like playing Subway Surfer and Angry Birds, but card games are more appealing to the older set, and a great way to help them get comfortable to using a tablet.

Pandora or iHeart Radio. Load one of these on your tablet, and you can listen to music from the 40s or 50s without having to worry about switching out CDs or hoping an “oldies” radio station will play the songs you love.

Magnifying Glass Flashlight. Forget having to keep up with reading glasses. This app allows your device to enlarge print on anything.

Pillboxie. This app not only helps you remember when to take your medicine, it also has images so you know you’re taking the right pill.

These apps are not only useful and fun, they can be a great way to encourage interaction with your loved ones. After all, you have to spend time teaching them how to use the device and showing them the features on each app. It’s a great way for grandchildren and even great-grandchildren to connect with their family.

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