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Sarah Williams: Blending Work, Family and Farm for a Compassion-filled Life

Piedmont Home Care

Like many young moms, Piedmont Home Care’s human resources manager Sarah Williams is busy juggling parenting as well as a full-time career. But in addition to parenting and helping provide compassionate care to seniors in the Piedmont Triad community, Sarah can also be found wrangling cows in the evenings and on weekends.

“I often entertain my co-workers at Piedmont Home Care with stories from the farm,” Sarah said. “One morning while getting ready for work I got a call from my cousin that our cows were out, so I grabbed Anna and we went to the farm.” Sarah and one of the men who help out at the farm worked patiently, walking back and forth, coaxing the heifer back to the gate. “It seemed like as soon as we would get her to the gate she’d zoom around and take off again,” Sarah said. “I thought I’d never get to work, but we finally got her in. I held Anna up to brush her teeth over the sink in the chicken houses and we rushed to make it to daycare and work in time.”

Sarah and her partner Ben are working to build a farm together, starting with a small herd of Black Angus cattle. They also have a miniature donkey, goats and a rabbit, much to Anna’s delight. “I’ve always loved animals, and grew up on a farm in Yadkin County, so farming is one of the things I always knew I wanted to do as an adult,” Sarah says.

Farming is one dream come true for Sarah, but it’s not the only one. “Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to do something where I could help people at the end of their life,” Sarah says. “I was about 10 or 11 when our neighbor passed. He was all alone, didn’t have any kids and was already widowed. It really struck me that he passed without anyone there by his side, and I didn’t want anybody to reach the end of their life all alone.”

Sarah went into the home health field after graduating from Surry Community College. After Anna was born, Sarah wanted the ability to continue to work in the home health field, but was looking for stability in her hours. That’s when she found Piedmont Home Care.

“I’ve been with Piedmont Home Care for almost two years, and thoroughly love what I do,” Sarah says. “What really stands out about this company is that once you’re here with us, you’re family, whether you’re a caregiver, a client, or working in the office like me.”

Sarah spends her days working to make sure all the shifts are covered and matching caregivers to clients to help enhance the relationships that make Piedmont Home Care one of the Winston-Salem area’s top personalized home health choices. “I understand from my own experience that consistency is important when it comes to working with our clients,” Sarah says. “Not only does it help build a personal relationship, but also when a caregiver works with someone regularly, they know what to look for as far as vital signs or differences in health-related issues. Being there day to day, working with the same person, helps provide better health outcomes in so many ways.”

Sarah Williams is just one of the many people who make the Piedmont Home Care team great. Her expertise and compassion for all living things are an asset to our team. If you’d also like to share your gifts with our organization, give us a call today, we’re looking to add to our talented team!