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physical rehab
If you’re looking at having your hip or knee replaced, you’re not alone. Each year in the United States, surgeons perform around 600,000 knee replacements and 330,000 hip replacement surgeries. Most often these are done to alleviate arthritic pain, or for an injury incurred after a fall.

Many people take careful care preparing for these types of surgeries, researching surgeons and learning about what is necessary before and during surgery. But it’s just as important to plan ahead for the days and weeks after. That’s where Piedmont Home Care can help ensure your road to recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Expect to be back home either the same day or the day after your surgery. The hospital staff will provide education on the type of physical therapy you should do and make a referral to a clinic or an in-home physical therapist, but it’s up to you to prepare for the help you need in other ways. In the first few days after the surgery you will need help:
· Bathing and cleaning the scar from your surgery
· Getting to the toilet
· Cooking or getting food
· Traveling to physical therapy and follow up doctor visits

There are many options for help in those days and weeks after surgery. Friends and family are often willing to help, but another option would be to choose to hire a professional caregiver for the post-op recovery and rehab time. One of our qualified Piedmont Home Care caregivers have the training to help ensure your recovery is safe and that you’re doing the most you can to be back on your feet as soon as possible.

From helping with bathing and getting back and forth to the toilet to driving to appointments, our caregivers are there to help the first few days go as smoothly as possible.

One of the benefits of having a professional caregiver is the level of care they’re able to provide. Our caregivers can assist with medications and cleaning the incision site. They can also make sure you are getting up and staying active to help with healing. Activity helps alleviate the pain and swelling after going through an orthopedic surgery.

Whether you or your loved one is planning a knee or hip replacement surgery, planning for the weeks after surgery is important. Let Piedmont Home Care be there to assist. Our services extend beyond respite care and long-term caregiving, and can be the perfect solution for temporary post-surgery rehabilitation.