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How Postoperative And Respite Care Can Help Seniors Live A Better Life

respite care

Many senior citizens across the US live informal homes and care facilities. Roughly the same number are looked after by family and friends, who provide informal care in the comfort of their homes. This kind of caregiving is not an easy task, especially for prolonged periods of time. Many family and friends experience frustration and even burnout. But by choosing appropriate post-operative and respite care services, the lives of both the patients and family caregivers can improve greatly. Here’s how elders can benefit from the assistance of a professional caregiver.

Establish companionship

Elders can easily begin to feel isolated or alone. It’s important for seniors to keep interacting with others outside their own family and feeling like they’re part of their community. Professional postoperative and respite caregivers can assist with this, often by becoming close companions and confidants with their patients. They also assist patients with taking walks, socializing with their peers, going to see movies or visiting their favorite restaurants, and help them feel like they’re enjoying life again.

Ease the commute

Travel is often challenging for seniors, but getting from place to place is crucial for their health. A respite care provider can make this much easier by helping patients travel to and from their doctor’s appointments. Caregivers also help seniors and postoperative patients travel other activities without having to get behind a wheel themselves. Best of all, these are trained professionals, who are aware of their patient’s needs and who can provide adequate care while they’re out and about.

Maintain their hygiene

Hygiene is important, especially for those patients experiencing a chronic musculoskeletal or neurological sickness, or those who’ve recently undergone surgery and need assistance for carrying out their day-to-day tasks. Professional caregivers are appropriately trained for these tasks and can provide excellent personal care in the form of dressing, bathing, routine building and assistance with eating.

Manage the medications

It’s crucial that patients take their medications on time to sustain their health. Family members and friends may not always be around to make sure the patient is on schedule. But a professional caregiver can manage their medications, their dosages, and scheduling to ensure that the seniors are receiving them at the correct time. They can also accompany the elders to the doctor’s appointment and coordinate with them regarding the same.

Monitor the nutritional status

The postoperative and respite care provider can also take care of the meal preparation, grocery shopping, maintaining the patient’s recommended diet, planning menus in advance, and making sure everything tastes delicious. This includes small housekeeping assistance to keep the surroundings hygienic. It’s a win-win for the seniors and the family members as they know their loved ones are being taken care of by trained professionals.