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Help Improve your Life with Hearing Aids

hearing aids

Do you find yourself always asking other people to repeat what they say to you? Do you often thing people are mumbling when you’re having conversations? Do others complain you’re watching TV or listening to music too loudly?

If you answer yes to any of the above, it could be that hearing aids could help improve your quality of life. Many of our clients at Piedmont Home Care voice concern over getting hearing aids. The first thing we hear when the subject comes up is a quick, “No, I don’t need hearing aids, my hearing is just fine.” That sentiment is common. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, only 1n in 5 Americans with hearing loss use a hearing aid. Some of the excuses we often hear from Piedmont Home Care clients is that the hearing aids are too bulky, too hard to work, or too expensive. Luckily, today’s hearing aids are streamlined, barely noticeable, and easy to get used to. And for those that need it, there is financial help available for hearing aids.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Sure, getting hearing aids helps improve your hearing. It’s important to note that unlike glasses, which take your vision up to 100%, hearing aids don’t always get your hearing back at 100%. But they do help improve your hearing loss in many situations. Here are some other benefits of getting a set of hearing aids.

1. Reduce the risks associated with hearing loss. Hearing loss isn’t just an annoying thing that means you have to turn the TV up a little louder. It can actually lead to some serious health issues. One of the most common is depression. Not being able to hear people in a conversation, or when you’re out at a restaurant, makes you less likely to go out and socialize with friends and families. That means people suffering with hearing loss stay home, often alone, and that loneliness can lead to depression. Dementia, decline in cognitive abilities and injuries related to falls are also associated with hearing loss.

2. Take advantage of today’s technologies. Not only are today’s hearing aids more streamlined than ever before (most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them), they also come with some cool extra technological benefits. For example, you can stream audio straight from your TV, stereo system or smartphone. That means you can listen to that audio book while you work in the garden, or enjoy your favorite television show with your grandchildren and hear every joke.

3. Rechargeable batteries. Have you had friends who were constantly having to shell out money for hearing aid batteries? That’s no longer a worry, as many of today’s models of hearing aids are rechargeable.

If your loved ones have been suggesting you get hearing aids, it might be time to get a doctor to evaluate your hearing. It’s important to go to an audiologist or an ear, nose and throat doctor who is specially trained in hearing loss to get the right equipment. And once you have your new hearing aids, you’ll be sure to enjoy your newfound conversations, which is one of the things our Piedmont Home Care caregivers enjoy most — talking with their clients!

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