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Piedmont Home Care News

Caring for the Caregivers

For many people who find themselves in the role of caregiver, they are performing those tasks out of love. Whether caring for an aging parent, a partner with cancer, or a sibling with dementia, it is only natural to want to do whatever possible to keep that person as comfortable as possible. But caring for… Read more

10 Steps to Senior-Proof Your Home

Have you ever heard someone tell their children, “I changed your diapers when you were a baby so you’d be there for me when I’m old?” It might not always work out that way, but many times we find ourselves in a situation where the roles of the family are reversed when it comes to… Read more

Caregiver Resources Help You and Your Loved One

For caregivers dealing with the burden of caring for a loved one, sometimes the hardest thing to cope with is the isolation. You feel like you are all alone, having to deal with the daily tasks of preparing meals, organizing medicines and scheduling doctor’s appointments to the point where your own needs get pushed aside… Read more

Welcome to the New PiedmontHomeCare.com!

Here at Piedmont Home Care, we know that appearances are important. A clean uniform on a caregiver bring reassurance and builds trust with our clients. A clean home not only looks nice, but provides a healthy environment for the entire family. And a meal set out on nice dinner plates and a place mat looHere… Read more

Asking the Right Questions

Remember when you started looking for that first job and began getting calls for interviews? One of the things you are taught is that even though the potential employer will be asking questions,  it’s important for you, the interviewee, to ask questions too. There are many times in life where that same advice comes in… Read more