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Piedmont Home Care News

Top Apps for Seniors

We often think that technology and seniors don’t mix. Even Apple has poked fun at itself in a German commercial highlighting the idea that older generations often don’t know what to do with technology. In the commercial, a woman gives her father an iPad, and he proceeds to use it as a cutting board before… Read More

Maintaining Independence

According to the CDC, incontinence affects about 50% of Americans age 65 and older. Due to its prevalence, many people assume that incontinence is just a normal part of the aging process. But incontinence isn’t an isolated issue. Older adults suffering from incontinence may also find themselves isolated and depressed. In fact, there is a… Read More

Sleep Changes and the Elderly

Getting a good night’s sleep is important at any age. Sleep affects our mood, our immune system and our physical abilities, and interrupted sleep or not enough sleep can hurt all three of those. Many people assume that as you get older you need less sleep, but in fact the amount of sleep a person… Read More

Ease Arthritis Pain with Walking in Winston-Salem

Arthritis affects over 50 million people in the United States and Winston-salem, and it is a common complaint among many of the clients of Piedmont Home Care, for good reason. According to the CDC, an estimated 49.7 percent of adults 65 years old or older reported doctor diagnosed arthritis from 2010-2012.  Luckily there are some… Read More

Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

It is hard to watch our loved ones age. As our parents get older and are able to do less on their own, needing assistance to drive to the doctor or the grocery store, and help remembering when to take what medications, often the responsibilities of helping them get through the tasks of daily life… Read More

Nutrition Tips for the Elderly

Have you ever wondered why many restaurants have a kid’s nutrition menu as well as a senior citizens’ menu? That’s because as you age, your body needs fewer calories. The average calories needed per day for a moderately active adult drops by 200 after age 50. But often times, people age 65 and older won’t… Read More

Support for People with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and their Caregivers

On March 6, this country mourned the loss of Dementia & Azheimer’s sufferer and former First Lady Nancy Reagan. In her 94 years, Nancy Reagan made quite an impact on the world, living a life many of us only dream of. She started off her career as an actress in Hollywood, where she met the… Read More

The Importance of Making End of Life Planning

All our lives, it seems like we are constantly planning for the future. When we’re young, we work hard in school and make plans to attend college or start a career. We get a little older and make plans to save up for a home and start a family. Then there are savings plans for… Read More

Team Member Spotlight: Wendy Bowman, Client Service Manager

Wendy started working for Piedmont Home Care, Inc. as a CNA in 2013. After a just a few months with the company, her skills in understanding other people’s personalities and their likes and dislikes led to her moving from a position as a caregiver to working in the office. Today, Wendy takes care of matching… Read More

Our CNAs Make the Difference

When you invite someone to come into your home, whether it’s to help you rehabilitate from a surgery or to provide extended care to an elderly loved one, you want to be sure that the person is qualified and trustworthy. At Piedmont Home Care, we understand exactly what you’re looking for. As a family owned… Read More

Taking Depression in the Elderly Seriously

Getting old can be tough. Many elderly people have outlived their families, their spouse, and sometimes even their children, leading some people to feel lonely and sad. People over age 65 are also more likely to suffer from side effects of multiple illnesses and the medications used to treat them.  Because of these factors of… Read More

Fall Prevention for Older Adults

According to the CDC, fall prevention is important and one out of three people over the age of 65 falls each year, but less than half report their fall to their doctor. Of those people who do go to the doctor, about 700,000 a year are hospitalized, and 95 percent of hip fractures are caused… Read More

Caregiver Spotlight: Patricia Buie

Patricia Buie has a real passion for helping people and being a caregiver. It was obvious to others when she worked in customer service for the telephone company, where she always was willing to take time on the phone to talk people through their problems and make sure they were being taken care of. Her… Read More

Is it just Forgetfulness? Early Warning Signs of Dementia

We’ve all heard someone jokingly say, after forgetting an appointment or losing their keys, “Oh no, I must be getting Alzheimer’s.” For those of usein the medical community, we know this is no laughing matter. But we also know that everyone forgets things once in a while. It’s just a fact of life. Your brain… Read More

Caregiver Spotlight: Sandra Barton

You could say that Sandra Barton, a caregiver for Piedmont Home Care, Inc., is in her second career, but in reality it’s as if she finally found her passion in life. For 25 years she worked for BE Aerospace. It was a good job while she was raising her children, and after the company went… Read More