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Caregiver Spotlight: Sandra Barton

You could say that Sandra Barton, a caregiver for Piedmont Home Care, Inc., is in her second career, but in reality it’s as if she finally found her passion in life. For 25 years she worked for BE Aerospace. It was a good job while she was raising her children, and after the company went through pretty massive layoffs, she stayed in the airplane seat manufacturing industry for a few years. But Sandra was looking for something a little more meaningful, and when she heard Piedmont Home Care was hiring, she decided to apply. That was nine years ago, and Sandra has been happy ever since.

“This job gives you a real sense of purpose,” Sandra says. “I feel like what I’m doing every day is helping somebody else, and that’s such a great feeling.”

Sandra spends about eight hours a day with her client, but it doesn’t feel like work. “I have been with my client for seven years, and from the very beginning it was like we were kindred spirits,” Sandra says. Both women love to garden and to sew, and Sandra loves to hear stores of what life was like for this 103-year old when she was a young girl. They spend their days talking and sharing stories. They used to work in the garden together as well, but now Sandra does most of the work while her client sits outside with her and gives her advice. “I remember her telling me about how when she was a young girl, her parents and grandparents loaded everyone up in the horse and buggy to go to town to vote for women to have the right to vote,” Sandra says. “Being able to cast her vote is still so important for her, and we are at the polls every election day. It makes me realize just how far we’ve come, even though we still have a long way to go with some things, there are many things we do today that we just take for granted.”

Sandra’s professional care is one of the ways this remarkable 103-year-old woman is able to still live in her own home independently. But it’s the caring, compassionate friendship Sandra brings on a daily basis that makes this more than a job, it’s a relationship.

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