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Benefits of Post-Surgery Rehab at Home

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Surgical procedures, while extremely beneficial, can take a toll on the body. Whether you are having a joint replacement, heart surgery, a procedure to treat cancer, or some other type of surgery, you can expect your body to need time after the procedure to heal and gain back your strength. Many types of procedures also require some sort of physical therapy afterwards, to ensure proper healing and to receive the most benefit from the procedure.

We have found that many people prefer to be at home after surgery, rather than in a rehab facility. Being in the comfort of your own home can improve your mental health and help aid in your overall recovery. And with the qualified caregivers of Piedmont Home Care, you can rest assured you will be well cared for throughout your post-operative recovery.

Meeting Post-Surgery Needs

It is important to make a plan for post-surgery care, and Piedmont Home Care can help ensure that you get the care and attention you need to enable you to recover in the comfort of your own home.

· Facilitating Physical Therapy. Many times post-surgery care plans include sessions with a physical therapist. A caregiver with Piedmont Home Care can help with driving to appointments, as well as assisting in completing exercise regimens while at home.

· Help with Daily Activities. Until you’ve gained your strength back, our caregivers can provide assistance with dressing and bathing, and even simple tasks such as getting up from a chair or in and out of the car.

· Supervising Medications. From picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy to making sure all medications are taken as directed, Piedmont Home Care’s professional caregivers can help navigate the new medications after a surgery.

· Planning Healthy Meals. For patients who have come home with dietary restrictions, our caregivers can help plan and prepare meals that follow the discharge instructions and aid in recovery.

Care and therapy during the post-surgery period is as important as the procedure itself in seeing positive overall results. Making the choice to recover at home with the aid of caregivers from Piedmont Home Care can help ensure the safety of you or your loved one at home after surgery as well as help speed the recovery process. Taking the time to heal properly will help you get to 100% even faster.

When it’s time to schedule your surgery, don’t forget your post-operative needs as well. Piedmont Home Care can help with everything from a few hours a day to around the clock care as long as needed.